Each property or real estate portfolio must be valued according to the suitable method of valuation in order to achieve reliable results. The method we choose depends on the type of property and on the valuation reason:


Transaction valuations

We determine market values for purchases and sales of real estate. Due to our experience and market data, we achieve results very close to the market.


Financing valuations

As experts for financing valuations, we are accredited to many banks such as Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen bank and various cantonal banks.


Balance sheet valuations

We prepare proper real estate valuations in compliance with the relevant accounting standards (Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) accreditation).


Project evaluations

Based on appropriate development risks, we value real estate that will be built or converted only at a future date.




Every year, we value a large number of properties with different types of use like


- Residential buildings (single-family houses and blocks of flats, condominiums)

- Business buildings (with offices, shops)

- Commercial buildings

- Industrial buildings

- Special purpose buildings (shopping centres, hospitals, swimming pools)

- Public buildings (administration, schools, churches, military buildings, barracks)

- Infrastructure buildings (traffic buildings, power supply buildings)



We are familiar with all national and international valuation procedures. Accordingly, the valuation method will be determined depending on the case and the requirements:


- the discounted cash-flow method (DCF)

- the static and dynamic income approach to valuation

- the asset value method

- the comparative value method

- the residual value method



The valuation of real estate portfolios demands, in addition to the necessary capacities, specialized knowledge and experience in portfolio analyses and transactions. Today, most of the real estate portfolios are valued by means of the DCF method in Switzerland. This method requires profound application knowledge and experience to achieve reliable valuation results. Every year, the Swiss Valuation Group AG values a large number of supra-regional real estate portfolio.