David Hersberger:

Interview “Recognizing changes at an early stage”,

Immobilia, 02/2017 I Download



Dr. David Hersberger, Andreas Pfister, Mariano Mottola: 

Interview, Sibylle Jung: “Certification provides reliability. And the long overdue transparency”,

SIV Infos 46, 08/2016 | Download



Hersberger David, Fabrice Orlando, Stefano Lappe: 

Interview, SIV Infos 43, "The certification becomes the decisive valuation criterion",

02/2015 | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Interview, Immobilien Business, "An industry in transition",

9/2014, Zürich | Download


Hersberger, David: 


NZZ, 12/2013, Zürich | Download


Hersberger, David: 

Successful valuer marketing,

Immobilia, 11/2012, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Various customer preferences,

Immobilia, 2/2012, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Valuation under stress test,

Immobilia, 12/2011, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Advertorial: Customer orientation as a strategic challenge,

Immobilia, 11/2011, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Successful SEK association work,

Immobilia, 11/2011, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Diverse yield indicators,

Immobilia, 8/2011, Zürich | Download



Immobilia 2011: 

SEK general assembly 2011,

Immobilia, 6/2011, Zürich | Download



Immobilia 2011: 

Interview with David Hersberger,

Immobilia, 6/2011, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

The responsibility borne by the valuation experts,

Immobilia, 4/2011, Zürich | Download



Pontresina 2011: 

Networking in its most beautiful form,

ForumPeople, 26/01/2011 | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Are real estate investments safe?

Immobilia, 12/2010, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Exchange of experiences at Bodenseeforum,

Immobilia, 11/2010, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Contracts concerning the right to build in practice,

Immobilia, 6/2010, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

More customer orientation in the real estate valuation,

Immobilia, 5/2010, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Project management of portfolio valuations,

Immobilia, 2/2010, Zürich | Download



Hersberger, David: 

Valuation based on the DCF method for residential and office property in Switzerland and Germany,

Immobilien Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft, 1. Aufl. 2008, Wiesbaden l Bestellung


Hersberger, David: 

Comparison of the DCF method between Switzerland and Germany,

Immobilia, 6/2008, Zürich


Hersberger, David: 

Swiss valuations are as accurate as the German ones,

Immobilien-Zeitung 15/2006, Frankfurt 




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Statistical information


Federal Housing Office

Information on the real estate market


Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings

Various Swiss statistics


Building and housing

Various Swiss statistics



Switzerland-wide assessment of real estate prices and marketing period


Zürcher Kantonalbank

Statistics and market information


SNB Swiss National Bank

Indexes and real estate market since 1970



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Real estate market, structures and perspective




The values determined in the valuations are valid at the time of the report and are intended for exclusive use by the Client in connection with the purpose of valuation. Disclosure of the valuation to third parties may only take place with the explicit consent of the valuer. Any liability of the valuer to third parties for the content of this valuation is explicitly excluded.


Hidden, not visible, not accessible or concealed components and installations cannot be inspected or appraised regarding their condition. The building and property description takes place from a value-based visual appearance within the framework and scope of the mandate and is therefore no comprehensive structural design description of condition, which, e. g., may be used as sales documentation.


This is to limit any obligation on the part of the Contractor towards the Client to the maximum amount of the fee owed. This limitation applies to any kind of damages, for whatever legal reason a possible obligation on the part of the Contractor might be based on, and irrespective of whether the damage has been caused by the Contractor or by any of his auxiliary persons.